Framing & Matting

Framing your originals and art prints with archival materials and techniques provides the best possible protection. We recommend acid-free, or 100% cotton rag mats combined with Museum UV glass, when glass is appropriate. Although acid-free and archival materials can be more expensive, it is worth it to protect the life and longevity of your art investment. If you’ve invested in the highest quality art and art prints, it makes sense to also invest in the highest quality materials to protect them. If you use non-archival materials to frame/mat your art, they will yellow and/or fade over time greatly reducing the life of the mat or print. Ask us about our services to enhance the finished presentation of your art with framing.

Artwork Scanning & Photography

Whether scanning or photographing your artwork for reproduction, Stephen Smith Gallery makes sure we have attained the best match to your original art as possible. Using high-end scanning or photographic equipment, and lighting technologies, we illuminate the art detail from edge to edge. Image file preparation is meticulously completed to account for final usage of the file. We are also happy to archive your files for security of the image and ease of file management.

Archival Printing

Preservation of reproduction art prints is critical. Our printing process uses only archival pigment ink with the highest rated archival papers and canvas techniques to ensure your reproduction prints retain longevity using the recommended display lighting. The Stephen Smith Gallery encourages artists to only make available Archival Pigment Ink reproductions once the original art has been purchased. The artists maintain all copyrights and determines if-and-when their original art will be reproduced in any form. Let’s talk about all the options available.