Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Current Exhibition

Cindy Manry

Acrylic on Canvas

This collection of art intentionally reflects my personal style. I love art to be bold, abstract, and dramatic, yet include design elements that are subtle and detailed. Using deep saturated colors mixed with neutral and soft toned shades appeals to my eye. Large scale canvas with great colors, interesting shapes and patterns help to move the eye around the art piece. I often use this method of design in combining contrasting pattern, texture, shape, size, and color in my interior design practice as well. 

Jen Unekis

Acrylic on Venetian Plaster

Jen primarily uses acrylic, graphic, chinagraph and glass pencil because they suit the immediacy of her process. She strives to create work with a feeling of fluidity: the pooling of color against an inky line, loose mark making obscured by a layer of paint with a variation of thick strokes and soft layered surfaces all help create visual interest. Her substrate, multiple layers of troweled Venetian plaster on 1/4" board, give the work added texture. The finish is created by burnishing the plaster surface and lightly applying acrylic sealant in multiple steps leading ultimately to a deep, lush surface that is not thickly encased, but open and varied in texture. Pieces are framed in a combination of floated glass and matte frames or inset into deep 3" wooden frames to create a clean, professional, and seamless surface. 

Art of the Week

Rob Bauer

The Baker Wilderness

Acrylic on Canvas

My work represents a combination of traditional landscape painting suffused with elements of contemporary abstract art, and viewed through a geometric lens. My style is characterized by bold colors, crisp lines, and stark contrast against negative space.


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We know art is best experienced in person. Nothing can beat the emotional connection of seeing a piece of work in front of you. Adding art to your collection should not be based on photographs alone, and we invite you to visit Stephen Smith Gallery to connect more intimately with the striking work that you want to make yours.

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