Fine Art With The Finest Collectors In Mind

A Veterans Special Exhibition

Marvin Henry

Acrylic on Canvas


In recognition of Veteran’s Day, Marvin Henry, a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, will join the Gallery’s other featured artists with his unique works in an exhibit running November 11 through December 31, 2022. Henry finds solitude in creativity. Emblazoned on his arms, “eyes that see” contrasted with “eyes that saw too much” on the other arm defines what Henry as a young man of eighteen encountered on the battlefield in the 1960″s.


Now retired, his artistry keeps him active in creating pieces which allow each viewer to see what uniquely speaks to them. “Whether it’s chains drug through muddying acrylics or a gently massaged canvas, the paints themselves tell me when it’s time to rest.”, states Henry. His unusual approaches to moving paint on the canvas result in hard to describe designs you truly appreciate viewing in person.

November Featured Exhibition

Doug Frye

Wood Cutouts with Acrylic


Art is about observation, transformation, storytelling, creation.

I have enjoyed these aspects of painting. Then came along another idea: GO WILD! So please enjoy my two-year journey to create a series of cutouts of “wild” animals. Allow your imagination to go wild with the stories these images conjure up.

Cutout paintings use the whole wall as their frame and create a 3-dimensional sensation.

For “GO WILD!!”, I put colors on the edges to create a visual tension that entices the observer to move back and forth creating a 4th dimensional sensation of time.

I hope you have as much fun watching them as I did create them.


November Featured Exhibition

Boubakary Konseimbo

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Red Rock, Clay on Weathered Canvas


Boubak, spends his time between his home in the sub-saharan West-African country of Burkina Faso- “The Land of the Upright Man “and Santa Fe.  

Konseimbo’s first showing outside the African continent was in Paris.  In 2006 a fellow artist learned of the African Village Show in Tucson through a chance meeting with a tourist from Oregon.  A few months later Boubak found himself in the USA and not only participating in the African Village Show in Tucson, but also showing his work in NYC, Dallas, Las Vegas and now Topeka, Ks.

Birds and Fish-and their movements through the sea and sky-are reoccurring themes in his work.  He says the creatures speak to him of freedom.  


Gallery Artists

Art of the Month

Cindy Manry

Inspired by nature’s changing seasons. From the warmth and softness of summer to the crisp welcoming deep rich tones of autumn, abstract plants, trees, and sky dominate this series. Layers of hidden materials and acrylic paint combine to create interest, shape, movement, and depth.

“I’d like the viewer to be curious, intrigued, and tempted to touch the art to feel the texture.”