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Edw Balda

“Variations Vll” acrylic on linen or canvas

Regarding the topics of my works, you can see a common theme of land & sky or perhaps sea & sky. Sometimes with faint distinctions of where one begins and the other ends. I enjoy the challenge of defusing the horizon line and allowing the viewer to contemplate and make their own conclusion. I do this by diluting my pigments and using several layers of semitransparent colors. I evaluate the effect as I go along. Again, using instincts to guide me. Quite often, the effect dictates the result.

Recently I have realized that I am drawn to Drama and perhaps Turmoil in depicting my ambiguous images. I’m not sure why I’m following this avenue but so far, I’m enjoying this direction.

I must also explain that most of my compositions originate from travels abroad, mostly from coastal areas of Ecuador as well as the hills and mountains of the Andes. A few are based on visits to Europe. Those terrains are very inspiring and fascinating, spurring on my imagination.

As I continue to pursue my visual interests, I must say that each piece is a challenge that helps define who and what I am, showing my strengths and weaknesses.


Featured Exhibition

Denise Evans

fine art - multimedia

A TRIBUTE EXHIBIT honoring the lifetime’s artwork of fine artist, Denise Evans. Born and raised in London, England, Evans studied art at the Byam Shaw School of Art and received her PhD from the Slade School of Fine Art/University of London. Her work was shown at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Oxford, England prior to her moving to the United States and settling in the Weston, Missouri area.
During 1996 she traveled alone to explore and be influenced by landscapes of America and fell in love with its nature, more importantly its deserts. Alone in a 1983 Jeep she explored the deserts of the West of the USA and was profoundly inspired. She moved to the Midwest of the USA in 1997 with the full intent of exploring the nature of the East and West to extend her artistic horizons. By the end of 1999 that fulfillment was lost when she became sick with Semi-Progressive Multiple-Sclerosis and Left and Right Temporal Epilepsy and drug resistant grand-mal seizures. Neurological illnesses during the next two decades began to dominate her life. Left disabled and homebound, Evans found refuge in journaling her life through her self-portrait paintings and writings. She passed in February, 2023.
It was Denise’s dream to have one last gallery showing of her most recent works. Unfortunately, the disease stole the opportunity from her. Stephen Smith Gallery is honored to fulfill Denise’s dream and share her life’s journey (both painful and inspiring simultaneously) with you. Come meet Denise through her Lifetime’s Artwork.

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Linda Rowell

I consider myself a mixed media artist as I enjoy working with charcoal, acrylic, inks, oil, and
pastel. I have, however, developed a particular affinity for oil mixed with cold wax. Cold wax is a
newer medium in the art world and consists of beeswax and resin. It can be used to paint in a
traditional oil manner, but it can also be applied with instruments such as the brayer, spatula,
knife, squeegee, and pretty much anything the artist comes up with. It allows for thick
application or several layers of thin oil and cold wax. Opacity and translucency can be obtained
with knowledge and experience. It then becomes a dance between application and excavation
and removal with instruments and spirits. The thing I love about it the most is I am never quite
sure just what is going to happen or what the end result is. The only thing I am certain of is that
it gives my work more expression as to what I am trying to convey to my viewers. It somehow
wraps my soul into the work much more so than any other medium.