Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Current Exhibition

Rob Bauer

Acrylic Painter / Illustrator

My work represents a combination of traditional landscape painting suffused with elements of contemporary abstract art and viewed through a geometric lens. My style is characterized by bold colors, crisp lines, and stark contrast against negative space.

When approaching a composition, I’m motivated by the connection with the subject matter it evokes, and the creation of an alternative means of experiencing the surrounding world. I’m most at home when I’m outdoors, and painting strengthens and deepens my appreciation for the experience.

I’m fascinated by the interaction of color in our surrounding environment as well as on canvas, and I’m intrigued by the ability of hard edges and geometric shapes to depict a natural environment inherently devoid of corresponding simplicity.  My work is reductive by nature.  Each piece is a study in contrast as I strip a complex environment down to its simplest elements without sacrificing the understanding of the original subject matter.

MJ King

Colored Pencil

MJ chose colored pencil for her current works because of the compact nature of the medium, and the ability to create when time allows. She quickly fell in love when she discovered techniques which she calls “scribbling with a purpose”. These techniques allow the color to flow in a manner similar to pastel, her other chosen medium. MJ has spent the last 26 years working as a graphic artist and a photo retouch artist. Even though raising a family and career responsibilities did not allow much free time to work on her personal art, MJ continued to build her skill by working with other talented creatives who helped her understand good composition and color theory. She has come a long way from watching crayons melt and blend on the radiator at school!

Estate Exhibition

Starting June 5th we have seven beautifully matted and framed archival pigmented ink photographs from the Bob Victor Estate by Black Sky photographer Matthew Dieterich. His Limited Edition #24/250 image "Star Trails over Mt. Rainier" selected by USPS for their 2016 Centennial Forever Stamp. A must see exhibition of stunning imagery looking for a new home. 

Go to Artist Gallery page to see imagery.

Art of the Week

Colie Ryan


oil on canvas

I paint light and bright natural scenes using palette knives to create sharp lines, pops of bright color, and dimension. My paintings are fresh and dynamically textured with a minimalist and modern bent. I like to paint with oils because the paint has heft and shine.

My approach to painting is “no rules”. I work with quick strokes, wet on wet, often putting paint directly from the tube onto blank canvases and panels. I put on my fearless hat and go for it.

We make it easy to incorporate art into your everyday life through our digital presence.  Our “Art of the Week” series delivers an inspirational photo of a current work of art on exhibit straight to your inbox every Wednesday for a little way to pick you up in the middle of the week. Be sure to sign up for it HERE.

We know art is best experienced in person. Nothing can beat the emotional connection of seeing a piece of work in front of you. Adding art to your collection should not be based on photographs alone, and we invite you to visit Stephen Smith Gallery to connect more intimately with the striking work that you want to make yours.

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