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Featured Exhibition

Private Collections Consignment Works

Our featured exhibitions for this month highlights works in various media from the gallery’s private collections consignment works. These works include pieces by well-known local, regional, national and international artists. We encourage you to browse the collections  below and contact us for additional information on specific artists or works.


D Mdridge - Osage Hillside

Bryan Collection


Evans Collection

Trade Wind Day

Nguyen Collection

Crosswalk - Randall Exon

O'Neil Collection

Nora Othic - Square Bales

Perry Collection

Skipping Stones #9

Plistermann Collection

Stars and Stripes, Fred Secondline Jr

Pudah Collection

Red on Red, Christian Nesvadba

Smith Collection

Bowl,  Anderson Peynetsa

TCA&T Collection


Wu Collection

Gallery Artists

Art of the Week

Cindy Manry

This series of paintings it titled “From May to October”

Inspired by nature’s changing seasons. From the warmth and softness of summer to the crisp welcoming deep rich tones of autumn, abstract plants, trees, and sky dominate this series. Layers of hidden materials and acrylic paint combine to create interest, shape, movement, and depth.

“I’d like the viewer to be curious, intrigued, and tempted to touch the art to feel the texture.”