Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Current Exhibition

Dianna Bartel

Acrylic on Canvas

Kansas Landscapes; Day and Night

One would think you could look at the Kansas prairie from any point, and the view would always be the same, but it's not. Every shift of the wind changes the view. Grasses move and colors vary by the hour; warm to cool depending on the ever-transitioning clouds overhead. Clouds move through on the constant breeze and the sky is an artist's palette of color; brilliant or soft, full or empty, or somewhere in between. 

Inspired by the kinetic joy of big skies and wide-open spaces, my goal is to catch just a moment in time that makes your heart buzz; to make you smile or to remind you that all of creation is out there waiting for you to step into life and find joy in it.

I love the graphic, bold nature of the changing space. Reducing the detail of grass and sky to energetic movement of brush and color gave me the chance to explore each joy filled moment. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. 

Art of the Week

Christian Nesvadba, 1977-2008

Red on Red

19.5 x 19.5 oil on canvas with blk frame

Christian traveled extensively, photographing flowers in every season, every arrangement. He did not copy from his photos but uses them to springboard into his own brilliantly expressionist world, where function fuses with form and color is everything. Nesvadba’s paintings nearly explode with color and light. His cobalt blues are in sharp contrast with his bright, fiery reds and startling yellows, casually arranged against beds of cooler greens. These are not precise botanicals, but bold, vibrant statements of life that will continue to be extremely collectable.  Not only are his paintings wonderful to view and live with, but a steadily increasing demand for his work makes this artist highly collectable.

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We know art is best experienced in person. Nothing can beat the emotional connection of seeing a piece of work in front of you. Adding art to your collection should not be based on photographs alone, and we invite you to visit Stephen Smith Gallery to connect more intimately with the striking work that you want to make yours.

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