Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Current Exhibition

Karen Heuton

Referential Contemporary Painting

My work has always been described as referential contemporary. Acrylic paint, bold colors, recognized from a distance. Recently I have evolved into mixed media using lots of texture doing landscapes and floral's. My palette now is cool grays mixed with warm tones on canvas. Platte knife and tools to create design.  I want to transform my paintings into a serene and comforting place . . .  I wish my viewers to go into that calm, tranquil space. 

Passion for art makes everything around me inspiring.  Nothing goes unnoticed, the sky, tree, branches, shapes, textures, I embrace them all. I constantly seek the Artist within.

My greatest compliment: “When I wake up in the morning and see my painting, it makes me happy!”

Erica Iman

Black Iron Sculptor and Painter

I am a sculptor and painter working primarily in clay and raw earth materials. References to landscape and natural phenomena are often evident in my forms and working processes.  The forms are abstracted yet resemble the geological features of their origin, such as glacial ice or weathered rock.  By creating work using the material’s inherent properties and mimicking processes from nature, I am searching for the essence of the material’s structure and the qualities it naturally possesses.

Most of my sculptural work is hand-built, using porcelain or stoneware in various stages, from thick slip to dry clay. I work intuitively, responding to the form, surface and overall feel of the piece, ripping at edges and emphasizing natural cracks.  Many of my techniques come from mimicking nature's processes such as freeze and thaw, extreme moisture and drought, and erosion.

The powdered black iron used in my ceramic black glaze is also used to create my paintings.  They are textured and tactile and explore similar form, edge, and three-dimensional as in my ceramic work. The powdered black iron is mixed with water in various saturation's and poured on board-mounted paper.  The iron naturally separates like sediment, creating tiny branch-like structures, sensitive to how I am applying it and its thickness.  I work in layers and respond to the work quickly, as the iron has to be sealed before it starts to dry.

Intuition and an inner, centering emotion both play a large role during the creation of my work.  I push back and forth between masculine and feminine, raw and refined; the exuberance of traveling to a foreign land and the inner clarity and resonance of simply being.

I am drawn to a sense of timelessness, the origin story of a stone, a glacier, or cracked desert earth - something that roots us in our existence beyond what humans have constructed.

My work helps locate and orient me in the world.  They are way posts, markers, guides, fragments, or cairns for exploring the essence of our physical and inner landscapes.

Art of the Week

Colie Ryan


oil on canvas

I paint light and bright natural scenes using palette knives to create sharp lines, pops of bright color, and dimension. My paintings are fresh and dynamically textured with a minimalist and modern bent. I like to paint with oils because the paint has heft and shine.

My approach to painting is “no rules”. I work with quick strokes, wet on wet, often putting paint directly from the tube onto blank canvases and panels. I put on my fearless hat and go for it.

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We know art is best experienced in person. Nothing can beat the emotional connection of seeing a piece of work in front of you. Adding art to your collection should not be based on photographs alone, and we invite you to visit Stephen Smith Gallery to connect more intimately with the striking work that you want to make yours.

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