Joe Bye

mixed media sculptures

I’m relatively new to the world of creating art. However, my preparation began many years ago. I grew up in an environment where if it was broken, you fixed it. I
consider myself a Jack of all trades but master of none. I really enjoy working with my hands. I have always been very comfortable with the use of hand and power tools.

I am considered a mixed media artist although I’ve never taken an art class. I’m self-taught. I use wood, plastic, glass, and metal. I like to repurpose or as I call it, reimagine things. I include in each piece something that was reimagined rather
than ending up in a landfill. Although I have created art using 90% reimagined parts, it has its limitations.

I decided to explore professional grade clays. I prefer polymer clay and air-dry clay where it is a better fit. Clay provides me with unlimited possibilities. Some of my art may be up to 99% clay and only a small reimagined part. To finish, I use acrylic paint and a sealer with a polymer additive for extra protection.

I never settled on any one style of art; however, I am fond of steampunk. I have a very active imagination. What I once thought was a curse, I now enjoy. My creations begin with an image in my head. Most times it just pops in from nowhere. Then during the building of it, my mind has a way of projecting onto or manipulating the piece. Maybe I learned to embrace crazy. Whatever the case, I am ok with it.

I can’t imagine anything I would rather be doing now than working on my art. I can let my inner child out and have fun while keeping my mind sharp.

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