Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Fine Art with the Finest Collectors in Mind

Current Exhibition

Ye Wang

oil on canvas

Artist Statement - Four Seasons

I always wanted to be a landscape artist when I was in art college. For some reason, I have mainly challenged myself in figure painting for three decades. In recent years I have gradually shifted my subject from figure to landscape. In some pieces in this show, I have placed the figure in the landscape like in the 19th-century French paintings, which were evocative.  As my BFA training was Classicism with the Impressionist color theory, my paintings tend to be classical-impressionistic with dramatic light effects. My passion for photography contributes to the paintings greatly.

Two-thirds of the landscapes are from Iliff Commons in the northeast outskirt of Topeka. As I live one and a half miles away, I often go there hiking in all seasons. The rolling hills, trails, trees, pond, and creek have provided rich perspectives. When the techniques are no longer the main concern for painting, the composition becomes the key to presenting the audience new perspective of the landscapes. A special angle and a special moment of light make an ordinary scene extraordinary. 

Art of the Week

Stephanie Munoz-O'Neil

a friendly spot

modeling paste, acrylic, colored pencil

there is a place in San Antonio our daughter Haley likes to take us to called the friendly spot.  it is a beer garden featuring countless metal lawn chairs.

a block away from the friendly spot I spied these glorious palm trees next to a cute house with an address so big you had to look.  it was the spikes that draped along the bottom of the palms that really got me.  these spikes made me think of the banderillas (decorated wooden sticks) that the matador uses in a bullfight.

I have been drawn to clouds and every-thing celestial since I was a little girl. I remember summer days laying in the cool grass on the north side of my child-hood home cloud gazing. spending so much time then as I do now, dissecting these grand ladies of the sky.


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