Nathan Pickerell

oils on panel framed

Nathan is an oil painter who translates emotions and questions through abstracting his environment. Abstraction is used to create visual language systems. Through repetition, emphasis, reference, and invention, meaning can be projected onto these visuals. 

Like poetry, the paintings are definite but have only ambiguous interpretations.

This dichotomy of ambiguity and systemization acts as a cosmological structure, forming a foundation for Pickerell to ask questions through psychological, spiritual, and/or philosophical lenses.

 Tension between abstraction and representation creates a space where many things are true at once, spectrums of truth.  Reflecting the multitudes of Pickerell’s reality, identity, and perception.

Artistic tools like geometry, universal visuals, and contrast create technical tension and sensation. At the same time, these universal, thus ambiguous visuals, are further metaphors for interconnectedness of all things and systems of the natural world.

Tension should be understood as the spectrum which the elusive magic resides in. 

Thinking in terms of spectrums is more useful in the Pickerell experience. Not only in the search for interest, but also in the desire to stretch one’s understanding of reality and mind.

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