Mike J. Weinbrecht

Silver Point Artist –

A love for art is evident when you explore Mike’s intricate drawings, using a form of drawing by the early masters.  Mike Weinbrecht discovered his love for art early in life, and his fascination quickly grew.  He was influenced emotionally in these early years by his exposure to Metropolitan New York City ideology, which brought with it personal contact with a broad spectrum of personalities.

Transplanting himself from Secaucus, New Jersey in 1963 to further his art education, he attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.  There, while on a scholarship, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and discovered Silver Point drawing under the teachings of Edward Navone.

Silver Point is a very old form of drawing, dating back to the early masters. The drawing is sketched with a silver wire fastened in a handle. The metal flakes off on the painted surface looking similar to an ordinary pencil.  However, as the drawing ages, the metal tarnishes, or oxidizes, giving it a soft hue of color and a special warmth.

Experimenting with a different surface for Silver Point, as opposed to the traditional water based gesso (which chips easily), he found an industrial oil based paint more suitable for a greater deposit of metal on the surface.  In addition, he has introduced various other metals, brass, copper, gold, etc. and a splash of subtle color at times for a particular effect.

Presently, Mike is President and Designer for Creative Signs, Inc. of Topeka, Kansas, “Where aesthetic sign design still lives.”

Mike has developed his style by cultivating that early awareness of human condition.  The product is a union consisting of a realism subject matter with an artform seldom used today, Silver Point.

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