Edw Balda

“Variations Vll” acrylic on linen or canvas

Regarding the topics of my works, you can see a common theme of land & sky or perhaps sea & sky. Sometimes with faint distinctions of where one begins and the other ends.

I enjoy the challenge of defusing the horizon line and allowing the viewer to contemplate and make their own conclusion. I do this by diluting my pigments and using several layers of semitransparent colors. I evaluate the effect as I go along. Again, using instincts to guide me. Quite often, the effect dictates the result. 

Recently I have realized that I am drawn to Drama and perhaps Turmoil in depicting my ambiguous images. I’m not sure why I’m following this avenue but so far, I’m enjoying this direction.

I must also explain that most of my compositions originate from travels abroad, mostly from coastal areas of Ecuador as well as the hills and mountains of the Andes. A few are based on visits to Europe. Those terrains are very inspiring and fascinating, spurring on my imagination.

As I continue to pursue my visual interests, I must say that each piece is a challenge that helps define who and what I am, showing my strengths and weaknesses.

Featured Work